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 University  of  Colorproof Story

"Welcome to the University of Colorproof, where 2024 marks a year of unparalleled creativity and innovation in salon education. As we venture into this exciting new year, we invite salon professionals and color enthusiasts to join us in pushing the boundaries of expression and boldness through our meticulously crafted Education Offerings. At Colorproof, we are deeply committed to empowering the professional hairdresser, offering dynamic, reimagined opportunities for growth, learning, and artistic exploration.

This year, we celebrate the bold, the brilliant, and the uniquely you. Our COLOR PLAY COLOR STAY campaign is a tribute to the joy and confidence that come from vibrant, lasting hair color. Embracing diversity and individuality, we've ventured beyond the ordinary to showcase how color manifests in its most vibrant form across ages, shapes, ethnicities, and sizes. Colorproof's 360-degree approach to color care ensures that your creative expression stays as fresh and radiant as your clients' color, session after session.

At Colorproof, we believe in more than just exceptional color care. We believe in creating a community where salon professionals can grow, share their artistry, and contribute to a brighter, more colorful world. Let’s continue to COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES together, embracing every opportunity to showcase our creativity, share our unique visions, and leave a lasting impact on the world of hairdressing.

Welcome to the future of salon education. Welcome to the University of Colorproof.

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