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As a brand dedicated to the professional hairdresser and lovers of color everywhere, our  Education Offerings showcase dynamic approaches to salon education. We are excited to share new opportunities, reimagined, to encourage you to PLAY!




Immerse yourself in the colorful world of Colorproof, where we journey far beyond color-safe into total Color Insurance. Dive into our Guiding Principles, Ingredient Technology, and get a solid understanding of each collection designed to preserve,  prolong, and protect your hair color with our 360 degree Advanced Colorlast System.


Crush or Curiosity

Crush or Curiosity is a great follow-up to Debut. It allows us to take a deeper dive into the products we absolutely love and the ones we haven't begun a love affair with yet. This dynamic and interactive exploration highlights more product blending and layering possibilities and ultimately provides you with the knowledge necessary to embrace all products as great tools behind the chair.

crush or curiosity cover.jpg



Learn how to create stunning cuts that enhance any individual’s color and style with SHAPE, a cutting class that will teach you customizable techniques to transform your clients’ hair. By the end of this class, you will have the confidence and skills to create beautiful cuts that showcase your clients’ personality and style. Register today and get ready to shape your future!



Learn how to execute any style vision skillfully with a deeper understanding of Colorproof product support and unique techniques to advance your artistry in control and master how to create today’s most-requested hairstyles with DESIGN, a Colorproof class that will elevate and expand your styling arsenal. Register today and get ready to DESIGN your future!



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